The first unrestricted recruitment system for every business size

We do not put any limitation on you team size, the number of companies and jobs. And in addition we can service any size recruitment needs; which means that no matter if you have a lot of hiring processes or just one once in a while, we value each client no matter the size or amount of recruitment.

And every client gets all services without any limitations. All the features are open for any client.

Usage-Base Payment

Pay only for what you use

Modern online services use usage-base payment system, which means that you pay exactly for what you use, and no more.
Payment based on the number of candidates applications to jobs. When you don't hire you don't pay.
This factor has several benefits:

  • No limitation. We don’t limit the number of users you can invite to your account. No extra payment for more licenses.
  • No added payment for more features.
  • Allows you to control your budget and manage it as you go.
  • No expenses when you don’t recruit. Only when you use the system you pay.
  • No high entry level budget. Allowing any size business to use a top recruitment system.

No Commitment

No annual contract. No binding

The cloud base SaaS recruitment system allows you to manage and control all of your activity online. Registration, activation, pausing and deleting an account is all within the click of a button. No complex binding agreements or contracts.

Customer Support

We listen to what you have to say

Even though we are an online service, we value greatly our customers and therefore want to give the best service possible. Our customer service and support personnel will gladly help you with any issue we can. Feel free to contact them in any channel you prefer.

Secure & Scalable

Keep your data available and safe

We use the top best practices to keep your recruitment data secure, while readily available to you and your team.

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