Applicant Tracking System

Stop wasting your time and effort on hiring the best talent!

A lot of work is put on screening candidates resumes and finding whom we want to hire. Reading quantities of resumes and finding which of them to recommend for each job opening is something that today’s technology makes possible with even a better results when considering the span of attention of an employee.

Candidate Match Score

Smart Recommendation for each candidate in every job opening.

Each candidate is compared to the job openings requirements and automatically get a match score recommendation number. A number between 0.0 to 10.0, where 0.0 means the lowest match to the job requirements and 10.0 means the top match to the job requirements.

By referring to the candidates match score you can save your time reading and screening resumes, and we also organize the candidates by order of relevance to the job.

Applicant Tracking

Don’t lose track on any candidate.

Each candidate gets tracked in a job hiring board and move intuitively in the hiring workflow.

Recruitment Workflow

Customize to your organization hiring needs.

As each organization has its own way of hiring, we provide a customize workflow to fit all your needs. And each hiring workflow can be different for each job, so the related personnel assigned to

each job are customised. And we make it simple to use. Once you set a hiring workflow, it is saved for future use, so you don’t need to repeat the action over and over again.

Schedule Interviews

Send event calendar invitation straight from the system.

Are you used to reading candidates resume, opening letters, social media, evaluations and notes. Hard work isn’t it? We make it easier. All the candidate’s data are in one place:

Candidate Profiles

All the candidate’s data in one place.

We all hate to switch between different systems and copy-paste mail address and content to do a simple task. Such is the case when we want to schedule a recruitment event as interviews, phone calls or evaluations.

So, we made it a bit simpler, all is done straight from within our system with no need for any hussle. Everything is done for you.

  • Contact data
  • Work History
  • Education
  • Languages
  • Skills
  • Social media
  • Evaluations
  • Notes

To top it, we also provide the tools to perform all the required actions needed with the candidate.

Hiring Dashboard

Know all your tasks organised always.

As we want to provide an easy way for you to recruit. Order and a simple list of tasks makes it even simpler. So, we create a task for each candidate,

and the assigned team member can view all the open tasks in a dashboard with a link straight to the page where he can complete it.

Reports & Analytics

Optimizing performance is gained with analytics

Measuring productivity give the insight the manager needs to make his team more efficient and productive. We provide the analytics for each job opening and the state of each hiring workflow so you can spot any flow or block in your recruitment and handle it fast.


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