Team Collaboration

Manage your recruitment just like a professional relay race

Unleash the true power of cloud base system. We let you manage all the hiring workflows with all your team in the best collaborative way.

Recruitment tasks are managed to all the different members involved in your organization hiring processes. With no limit on licenses or seats we let you have everyone involved.

Unlimited Team

No extra payment for more users

We want you to utilize our system to the fullest. And that means that all your recruitment team, hiring managers and anyone in your company involved in the hiring process can take part in it.

To add the benefits of team collaboration you need the whole team onboard. And that’s exactly what we want you to do, with no financial barriers in the way.

Hiring Team Roles

Set permission levels for your team

Not everyone in your team need to have permission to set your account or change things they are not supposed to.

By assigning each team member his or her permission level and role, you can control who can do what, so you can mange what each team member can perform on the system.

Easy Onboarding

Quick and seamless onboarding flow

We wanted to give you a smart yet simple recruitment system. So, anyone without any previous training can use it. We made our system with this is in mind to keep it intuitive and so any level employee would be able to use it.

External Recruiters

Invite external users to the system

You can invite external users to your account, and so let external recruiters and sourcers take part in your hiring workflows, collaborating with the rest of your team.


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